Locksmith Brossard Longueuil

Various Locks

Door Handles

No detail is too small for us!

That is why we offer door handles to meet all your needs. Whether for safety or aesthetic reasons, choosing the right door handle can sometimes be complicated. The choice of an outside door handle is mostly based on the safety of your family and the protection of your home or other buildings. When it comes to choosing a handle for an interior door, the choice is based on the surrounding decor and whether the door and room should be able to be locked or not. Our staff will advise and guide you through the largest selection of door handles in Longueuil. Consult us for further details.

Antique and Rustic Locks

Safe and Decorative Locks!

We offer a wide variety of antique locks that are certain to please you. We carry a vast collection of locks available in various finishes: Artisanal, Contemporary, Rustic, Porcelain and more.

Keys and Locks

We offer master key systems that limit access to specific doors to authorised individuals only. We cut and program car keys, registered keys, regular keys, mailbox keys and more, everywhere on the South Shore. We also offer high-security and impossible to pick locks and keys. Come visit us: our technicians will guide you through the process of choosing the best key replacement solution for you, be it for your residence, commerce or car, right here on the South Shore.